Mid Atlantic Junior Bowlers Tour Rules


1. The Tour events are open to any youth bowler providing proof of a 2022-2023 USBC Youth Membership and book average from the 21-22 season if bowling Handicap events.  No Average Required for scratch events, Just a USBC Youth membership.


2. Bowlers must present a USBC membership card at the tournament check-in 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time.


3.  Depending on the type of tournaments, all entrants will bowl 5 games across multiple lanes unless mechanical failures dictate otherwise, 5 games on a single pair, or 10 baker games across 10 pairs.  No entry money will be refunded if it is discovered that an individual has failed to comply with all rules of the United States Bowling Congress and all rules and requirements of this tournament.


4. Handicap will be 90% of the difference between the bowler’s entering average and a scratch figure of 210   All handicaps will be calculated on a 5 game basis.  It shall be the responsibility of each bowler to verify his or her average. Failure to use proper average shall disqualify scores bowled if submitted average is lower than actual average.  Prize winnings will be based on submitted average if it is higher than the actual average.  Average corrections must be made prior to the completion of the FIRST GAME. 


5.  ENTERING AVERAGE:   Your Highest USBC Average from the 21-22 season of 21 games or more. Standard averages will be converted to a sports shot average.  Once you have established a 20 game average through tour events, your average will be re-rated to that tour average.


6. If a bowler does not have a yearbook average for the last year, the bowler may enter with an average of 210 and enter the scratch event only.  USBC Rules 319 c, d, & e will apply.


7. The prize ratio for each event will be one prize for each five entries.  Lineage and Expense = vary based on center. Prize Money = balance of entry fee per bowler.  PRIZE MONEY WILL BE RETURNED 100%.


8.  In the event of a tie for first place the tied contestants will bowl a 2 frame roll off accordance with the rules of the tournament at such time and place as decided by the Tournament Manager.  Total pins, including handicap, for the 2 frames games will determine the handicap winner/position.


9. Entrants must report any previous tournament prize winnings in the last year of $ 500.00 or more in total.  If entrant has won $500.00 or more in total prize winnings for a tournament, he/she must submit all his/her tournament scores and winnings PRIOR TO BOWLING.  USBC  Rule 319e



a.     All Bowlers must wear shirts with polo collars or MOCK Collars, NO EXCEPTIONS!

b.     NO T-SHIRTS may be worn on the lanes. 

c.     NO CLOTHES WITH HOLES may be worn on the lanes. 


11.   Scores lost due to malfunction of automatic scorers shall be re-bowled if the scores cannot be verified by other scoring means.


12.   USBC Rule 330 will apply. (A bowler must use the same hand to deliver the bowling ball throughout the tournament).


13.   USBC Rule 329, a protest or appeal involving eligibility or playing rules must be filed with Tournament Management, the Local Association or USBC up to 5 Days before tournament prizes are paid.  The protest or appeal must be in writing and the grounds for the protest or appeal briefly stated.





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